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A competent team needs to understand your needs, want to accomplish them, and have the capacity to execute.

  • Duane Wells

    Managing Partner

    Duane Wells is the Managing Partner and Founder of The Guider Group. As Managing Partner, Duane is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the firm’s operations and works closely with senior staff and consultants to implement sales, administrative, and organizational strategies. Duane also uses his passion for process and technology to help customers solve complex problems.

  • Taylor Shearer

    Solutions Manager

    Driven by success is an understatement for Taylor. As a Solutions Manager, Taylor’s focus is simple: to make sure that clients are delighted and that their journey as a Guider Customer exceeds all expectations. As an expert in project management and multi-channel marketing strategies, Taylor has a passion for helping our customers grow.

  • Makenzie O'Connor
    Makenzie O’Connor

    Solutions Specialist

    Makenzie has an innate understanding of what needs to be accomplished across multiple disciplines to help our customers grow. With an entrepreneurial spirit and background in design and consumer behavior, Makenzie’s focus is to help our customers reach their sales goals while continuously pushing their marketing potential.

  • Jordan Robarge

    Solutions Specialist

    Jordan is passionate about working with client technologies and is a “triple threat” as a fluent programmer, major technologies marketer, and an amazing big data analyst. In fact, Jordan was the 2014 Winner of the Deloitte Data Blitz Case Competition, is Google Adwords Certified, and a Venture for America Fellow.

  • Brendan Schwartz

    Senior Solutions Advisor

    As a Senior Solutions Advisor, Brendan works as a core team member to match customers with the solutions that make sense for their needs. Brendan came to Guider with one goal: To help companies grow using the most advanced technology available. Brendan is our biggest evangelist of how to use cognitive computing, growth hacking and advanced learning techniques to help companies gain unfair advantages and achieve their goals. Brendans extensive background in Institutional Finance and Strategy gives him an edge in understanding the importance of ROI for our customers.

  • Randy Raigns

    Managing Director, Federal Analytics & Digital Solutions

    Randy is a specialist in government business development and government relations. His technology career as an original Novell team member and has amassed an amazing laundry list of successes in technology over the last 20 years. Randy works on our team to execute our roadmap at a state and federal level in Washington DC.

  • Oz Sultan

    Data Intelligence Strategist

    His resume and his reputation for making companies successful include names like Economist Magazine, Sapient, Transworld Entertainment and Nextweb New York. Oz’s passion and expertise for marketing and big data along with his diversity of experiences in technology help make our projects successful.

  • Peter Gregoire

    VP BioPharmaDevice Markets

    As our BioPharmaDevice Market Leader, Peter brings 20 years public-private industry experience working as a Scientific Clinical Consultant. Peter will be responsible for leveraging the Guider Value Proposition to the BioPharmaDevice Industries. He has an impressive career facilitating over 300 drug/device trials across a wide therapeutic spectrum with many successes. Peter has direct clinical development background experience with Globally renowned large matrix organizations including Contract Research Organizations, Major Medical Teaching Centers, Developing Biotech companies and many Big Pharma-Device companies (including but not limited to Eli Lilly, Schering Plough, Pfizer, Boston Scientific, PPD, INCR).

  • Greg DeMarrais

    Hospitality Market Leader

    “Over the last 20 years the hospitality space has skyrocketed. Having held senior positions within major Hotels like Wyndham Hotels, and managing hospitality groups, Greg has become an expert in the entire hospitality value chain. His passion for business development in the travel and tourism space is unmatched when it comes to getting things done. “

  • Bill Grdanski

    Amazon Ecommerce Market Leader

    The new frontier of online retail is Amazon.com and you will be hard pressed to find someone as experienced as Bill Grdanski if you want to talk ecommerce. Bill is an extended Consultant for The Guider Group and is the Principle of Mantaro Partners. As the site controller for 2 of Amazons Fulfillment Centers Bill held P&L responsibility for more than 50 Million Dollars in revenue for Amazon. Mr. Grdanski has an MBA and a BS in Mechanical Engineering, both from Carnegie Mellon University and a speaker at The Amazon Prosper Show #16

  • Hardik Dwivedi

    Data Intelligence Manager

    With over 15 years of experience as a senior developer, Hardik works with our clients to implement programmatic technologies while also managing all programming related projects. Hardik has extensive full stack experience, is CMMI level 5 certified, and is well versed in IBM Watson implementation.

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